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Symantec Security Information Manager

Symantec Security Incident and Event Manager Product provide real-time event correlation and data archiving to protect against security threats and to preserve critical security data. The Information Manager collects and archives security events from across the enterprise. These events are correlated with the known asset vulnerabilities and current security information from the Global Intelligence Network. The resulting information provides the basis for real-time threat analysis and security incident identification. The Information Manager archives the security data for forensic and regulatory compliance purposes.

Symantec Information Manager collects, analyzes, and archives information from security devices, critical applications, and services, such as the following:

  • Firewalls
  •  Routers, switches, and VPNs
  •  Enterprise Antivirus
  •  Intrusion detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems
  •  Vulnerability scanners
  •  Authentication servers
  •  Windows and UNIX system logs

Key features:

  •  Normalization and correlation of events from multiple vendors.
  •  Event archives to retain events in both their original (raw) and normalized formats.
  •  Distributed event filtering and aggregation to ensure only relevant security events are correlated.

PC Solutions Expertise-

  • Architecture designing, Solution overviews and IT infrastructure sizing ,delivery in line with the business requirement.
  • Conducting proof of concept and final implementation of the proposed solution.
  • Onsite and remote SLA based post sales support for existing and new customers.



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