D. Chandr Sekar


Executive Vice President - Technical and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. D. Chandr Sekar is an achiever, believing in the axiom that ‘Outperforming Expectation is Excellence’

Mr. D. Chandr Sekar, lovingly known as 'Chandru' is synonymous with PC Solutions. Over the years he has depicted fascinating capability in supporting the growth of PC Solutions with highly value-added products and services meeting and exceeding client’s expectations. A firm believer of core competency and a pioneering force behind PC solutions, Mr. D. Chandr Sekar has redefined operational and service delivery significantly. His professional experience spanning 24 years is adorned with frontline customer service management, expanding business opportunities and implementing advance IT solutions in this competitive industry. Mr. D. Chandr Sekar possesses immense dedication towards his professional career and he constantly cultivates processes to accelerate growth in the organization.

Being EVP Technical & COO of PC Solutions, he drives new services and sustainable solutions, develops strategic moves and ensures the continued delivery of innovation and execution excellence to a wide range of global customers. He leverages all comprehensive capabilities enabling prompt and superior service to clients. Mr. D. Chandr Sekar’s intellectual mind sharpened by his engineering background, originates ideas to excel in customer service management and re-engineering internal processes to deliver highest degree of quality solutions. He is the epitome of consistent performance right from identifying Greenfield opportunity in service business area to practices which he inculcates in the organization to increase customer satisfaction, retention of talent and growth within the organization.

His impeccable contribution is recognized as a guiding force in the organization. The idea of growth and success for Mr. D. Chandr Sekar is not limited to professional life but expands to enrich society as a whole. His upbeat nature and dedication constantly motivates people of PC Solutions and guides them towards the path of growth.

A well loved and charming leader he effortlessly gains support from peers, juniors and seniors alike.

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