Sivamani Sangaranarayanan


Assistant Vice President - Sales

A fine balance of composure, intellect and capabilities, Mr. Sivamani Sangaranarayanan brings with him comprehensive and a rich experience spanning over 22 years. Throughout his professional career, he has been delivering cutting edge IT infrastructure solution in diversified industry segment.

He leads the profit centre of PC Solutions while managing corporate relations with influential technology partners like Cisco, EMC2, IBM, VMware, Wyse, Lenovo etc. His special inclination towards the challenging sector of Virtualization & Storage, enabled him to obtain prestigious certifications from IBM, EMC2 and VMware. He is amongst the key persons for sales management driving the organization to sustainable business in the enterprise segment.

Armed with a background in electronics and communication along with Masters in Business Administration, Mr. Sangaranarayanan exhibits a strong analytical mind and a high knowledge quotient with attention to detail. He is a great motivator, fine leader and guide to his team emphasizing holistic growth. Presently he is leading a team of professionals who are responsible for Datacom and Enterprise solutions business units. He has been responsible for developing strong processes for sales force automation bringing in integrity and transparency in business processes.

This learned gentleman is very passionate about building people’s capabilities and from time to time he trains and guides his people towards excellence. Sivamani Sangaranarayanan loves to perform and interact with end customer along with industry leading technology leaders through innovative events and conferences.

For him "growth is the natural outcome of dedication and committed relationships".

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