Sunil Kaul


Assistant Vice President– Software Group

A man driven by high levels of commitment and determination towards excellence, Mr. Sunil Kaul is a powerhouse of enthusiasm and ideas. Currently, he  leads the  Software Solution team of PC Solutions , knitting relationships and developing business with renowned companies like Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix and Oracle to mention a few.

He is a proactive professional exhibiting complete knowledge of the company, identifying with its mission and showcasing genuine commitment to fulfil its values and goal.

Mr Kaul is a qualified professional with a master’s degree in Business Administration. Since his induction at PC solution in 2001, he has achieved significant results in business development and shown a comprehensible record of achievement.

His professional career is highly credible and he exhibits strong analytical skills, decision making capabilities, and leadership qualities. His planning, organisational and project management skills have helped PC Solutions acquire new clients and also maintain exceptional relationship with the existing clients.  His ability to engage with individuals and team of wide-ranging backgrounds make him an excellent team member and a pragmatic senior.

An enthusiastic sportsman, he is deeply involved with the company’s initiative for conducting in-house cricket tournaments as the Cricket Director.

According to Mr Sunil Kaul, "achievement is a fine amalgamation of smart work and hard work!".

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