Manoj Kumar Singhal


Chief Financial Controller

Sharp, intelligent and proactive, Mr. Manoj Kumar Singhal is a talented chartered accountant who has been actively involved in the success story of PC Solutions. His job role is versatile with dynamic responsibility right from Finance, Costing, and Audit, Procurement, Administration, Personnel and other business supporting functions.Numbers are not some counting mechanism but a powerful media of growth and accomplishment for this gifted person, Mr Manoj Kumar Singhal.

In 1998, highly motivated and knowledgeable Mr. Singhal was inducted and entrusted with accounting goals of the company. He is a firm believer of ‘doing it right’. This determined approach helps him in all his endeavours showcasing unmatched professionalism.

His excellent fiscal oversight and eye for detail makes him an undisputable expert in his field. His financial plans and projections are based strongly on his analytical excellence, business acumen and detailed research. A result oriented approach coupled with technological advancement, helps Mr Singhal in implementing strategies to augment the organizational development with sustained profitability and improved business performance. He introduces innovative approach in the projects and plays a pivotal role inspiring the strong team of experts.  His willingness to experiment while adding value helps the organization create benchmarks in many aspects.  He is an inspiring senior, co-operating team member and always an inquisitive learner.

Mr Singhal is a person who opines that the concept of development and prosperity is not limited to professional life but to enhance the experience of human life as a whole. His approach towards industry thus revolves around the idea of holistic and unified development.

"Finance is not only about growing money; it’s about cultivating purpose and reaching to a goal.

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