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Data Leakage and Prevention

Data Loss Prevention(DLP) software is a comprehensive, content-aware solution that discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data wherever it is stored or used – across network, storage and endpoint systems. DLP addresses the following points:

  • Gaining visibility into the storage, transmission, and use of confidential information to identify highest areas of exposure.
  • Encrypts employee laptops, desktops, and network communications to ensure secure storage and sharing of confidential information.
  • Increases employee awareness of data-security standards through real time notification.
  • Identifies broken business processes transmitting confidential data.

PC Solutions offers:

  • Presale consultancy on application feasibility study to validate it for DLP Architecture designing.
  • Solution overviews and IT infrastructure sizing on DLP Solutions, in line with business requirement.
  • Conducting proof of concept and final implementation of the proposed solution.
  • Onsite and remote SLA based post sales support for existing and new customers.

Our expertise lies in Architecture designing, Solution overviews and IT infrastructure sizing for DLP in line with customer business needs. We offer DLP solutions from leaders like Symantec, websense.




The PC Solutions "QUEST": Quality in services through Universal cooperative approach with Exceptional reliability and Satisfaction to customers through Technical expertise.


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