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IBM Software

IBM's comprehensive range of Systems Software solutions help organizations to centralize, streamline and automate physical and virtual infrastructure. This ensures workload optimization and increases ability to deliver IT services in line with the business goals.

Lotus for collaboration software

Lotus for Collaboration Software is security-rich software that helps businesses to communicate effectively, increase productivity, reduce cost, maximizes employee potential and enhances business processes.


IBM DB2 offers high performance, scalability, and reliability on a range of OS platforms like Windows Linux, z/OS

IBM Rational

IBM Rational software helps drive greater value from investments along with delivering innovative products and services. It helps in enabling organizations to maximize business opportunities and achieve desired business results with reduced risk and cost

IBM Tivoli

IBM’s Tivoli Service Management tool helps organizations maintain visibility, control and automation. It also helps in delivering high quality services, manages risk, compliance, maximizes return on investments and accelerates business growth.

IBM Storage software

IBM Storage software offers wide range of infrastructure management, virtualization and productivity storage solutions. IBM storage software helps in utilization of storage technology and caters to the organization’s need for an ongoing and increasing demand for information.


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