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Cloud computing helps enterprises to transform business and technology, reduce overall cost of operations, improve service deliveries and enable business innovations. IBM offers enterprise class cloud computing capabilities to help organizations assess cloud readiness develop adoption strategies and identify business entry points. Cloud Computing also helps in Business continuity and resiliency services (BCRS)

BCRS helps in maintaining business operations under all conditions, comply with industry and Government regulations and helps in gaining the ability to recover from unforeseen disasters.

IBM offers the following services:

Disaster Recovery Services: Helps in minimizing the impact of unforeseen disasters. it effectively reduces the costs and time associated for recovery at the time of  disaster recovery.

Managed Resiliency Services: Helps in preventing downtime and reduces recovery costs by enabling IT infrastructure to provide support on availability, performance and compliance.

Resiliency Consulting Services: Helps to assess, design, implement and manage enterprise wide IT infrastructure risk and business resilience programs.

Smart Business Resilience Cloud: Helps in prioritizing important data of regulatory requirements and business needs. It also helps in implementing retention and retrieval plan virtually for all time access of information.


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