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Desktop virtualization

Virtual desktops and virtualized applications create a more flexible business IT infrastructure to quickly respond to changing business and end-user needs.

It improves business continuity, reduces costs and increases service levels by deploying applications and desktops faster with minimal resources. Desktop virtualization enables organizations to:

  • Deliver desktops as a managed service
  • Migrate to Latest Operating system 
  • Manage virtual desktops for ROBO

VMware Desktop virtualization product offerings:

VMwareView: Delivers rich personalized virtual desktops as a managed service from a virtualization platform, including the operating system, applications and data.

VMwareThinApp: Accelerates application deployment and simplifies application migration with agent less application virtualization.

VMwareWorkstation: Offers reliable, secure method to run multiple operating systems at the same time. 

VMware Zimbra

VMware SlideRocket

VMware Horizon Application Manager



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