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Cloud Computing

VMware Cloud computing provides an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way for IT to meet escalating business needs. VMware offers solutions that harness the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserving the value of existing technology investments.

Private Clouds are implemented by enterprises to amplify the benefits of virtualization and to increase agility. A private cloud based on VMware solution delivers the following unique capabilities to enterprises:

  • An efficient and secure approach to using shared infrastructure for servicing high  frequented requests.
  • A standardized, portable, extensible approach to enable workloads to be deployed without manual configuration across multiple clouds.
  • Agile access to shared infrastructure so workloads can be provisioned on demand.

VMware cloud product offerings:

  • VMware vCloud Director
  • VMware vCloud Datacenter Services
  • VMware vCloud Powered Services
  • VMware vCloud Consulting Services
  • VMware vCloud API


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