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EMC data storage hardware and software solutions efficiently store, protect, and manage information.

 EMC Storage Products:

Atmos: combines the power of global-scale storage with the benefits of cloud architecture to deliver solutions.

Symmetrix DMX-4: Stores, manages, and protects data and makes it available at all times.

Isilon: Offers powerful scale-out NAS solutions that are simple to install, manage and scale to any size.

 Symmetrix VMAX: Delivers high level of automation, performance, scalability, availability and security.

Symmetrix VMAXe: Provides cost-effective multi-controller scale-out architecture with proven VMAX innovation.

VNX: Offers high-performing simple and efficient unified storage optimized for virtual applications.

VNXe: Deploys affordable unified storage platform for smaller businesses, with solution-focused software which is easy to manage, provision and protect.

VPLEX: Deploys next-generation architecture to enable simultaneous information access within, between and across data centers.



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