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At PC Solutions we believe that our people are the key driver of success and we put our employees at the center stage of our every initiative. We are a strong proponent of the philosophy that growth oriented talent development and ideal work life balance brings out the best from people and is critical for a business to deliver the best. In our business objectives special emphasis has been given to provide our employees the right working environment where they can achieve their career goals and also experience a better life beyond work.

Working at PC Solutions is an opportunity to transform the talent with endless potential to learn and experience a global career. With unlimited prospect to enhance cross domain expertise, innovation at work, inspiring and appreciative work culture makes PC Solutions a great place to work for. Our benchmarking efforts in integrating best practices in talent management resulted in our record retention rate in the industry where high attrition prevails. Following are few of the reasons that build the foundation of our employee-organization bonding.

  • Our open door policy and robust feedback mechanism helps in better communication across hierarchy.
  • Fairness is policy and  equal growth opportunities to all.
  • We recognize and appreciate the efforts and perks/incentives are integral motivating factors towards performance.
  • Multi pronged appraisal system with realistic criterion.
  • Global standards in work environment, excellent team structure, opportunities to work for challenging assignments with industry leaders.
  • Exposure to cutting edge technology widening the domain knowledge.
  • Best in class training and leadership workshops to prepare employees to adapt to the fast changing business environment.
  • An open ground to ideas PC Solution encourages everyone to participate and contribute their efforts to create an innovation oriented environment.
  • The spirit of oneness with belief in the common vision to excel in whatever we do.
  • Respect for individuals and strict policies against discriminations and harassment of any nature.

Life@ PC Solutions

Communicate, Converge and Celebrate the wonderful event called Life. At PC Solutions it is our endeavor to create a distinguished work life balance that simulates the sense of one big family. Our association with employees goes beyond work and extends warm welcome to the families also. Our continuous efforts to make employees a part of PC Solution family have resulted in numerous exciting initiatives. A glimpse of the programs that make ‘Life@PC Solutions’ an exhilarating journey.

  • Dedicated CFO (Chief Fun Officer) for employee activities shows how seriously we take these activities.
  • Our in-house news letter ‘PSPl in-Touch’ is the medium of communication recording all activities that happened in the organization. Since its inception the news letter caught the fancy of every employee and gets participation from various members with their views, experiences and creative outputs.
  • While we say recognition of efforts is our philosophy we have regular incentive plans in form all expense paid international holiday in exotic locations. This helps everyone to perform beyond expectations and brings out the winning attitude from within.    
  • Regular fun activities like parties, family gatherings, Movie watching, events for kids and family, cultural activities to name a few which binds us together beyond our professional associations.
  • Our annual cricket match with various in house teams is a hugely awaited program which shows the sporting spirit in PC Solution.

At PC solutions all fun activities are designed with sole intention to have fun and bring the satisfaction of mind. The open work culture is so inspiring that every member of the organization irrespective of their position in team participates in all activities with a free mind. We at PC Solutions make sure that there is no dull moment in our life and ensure that our enthusiasm and positive energy act as a virtue that improves performance.

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The PC Solutions "QUEST": Quality in services through Universal cooperative approach with Exceptional reliability and Satisfaction to customers through Technical expertise.


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