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System Centre

Microsoft System Center 2012 captures and aggregates knowledge about systems, policies, processes, and best practices so that organizations can optimize infrastructure to reduce costs, improve application availability and enhance service delivery.

Microsoft System Center 2012 integrated and automated management capabilities helps organizations to manage IT environments across traditional data centre, private clouds, public clouds, client computers, and devices.

Cloud & Datacenter Management

Microsoft System Center 2012 is a cloud and datacenter management solution that offers common tools to manage private and public cloud applications and services irrespective of physical, virtual and/or cloud models providing a common management experience. It provides comprehensive end-to-end management of infrastructure and applications, including interoperability for heterogeneous environments.

Client Management & Security

Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection provides a unified infrastructure to manage and protect physical, virtual, and mobile client environments. It empowers users to be productive from anywhere, on any device of choice, and makes it easier and faster to administer client systems and maintain system compliance.


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