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New data Centre Designing done with Structured Cabling

Industry Served:


Technology / Product:

Cisco 3750 Switch for CORE Layer, Cisco 2960 Switches for Server Farm & Distribution Layer accordingly.


New Delhi (India)

Business Benefit:

Redundant & Secured Network Infrastructure

Project Description

New data Centre Designing done with Structured Cabling.

CORE Switches installed with HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol)

Logically segregated the Server Farm with different Network segments. EtherChannel proposed & implemented to increase the bandwidth, provides instant failover and redundancy.

Network policies implemented for segmenting the network, for Broadcast / Multicast Domains (as per applications), for limiting the unwanted traffic, for setting up ports threshold etc.

STP is introduced to achieve loop free network.

IP filtering enabled on LAN to route only authorized & trusted traffic.



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