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Data Centre Migration Physical Devices as well as Application Data between geographical locations.

Industry Served:


Technology / Product:

VMWARE , Windows  2003 File Server


Data Center Migration

Business Benefit:

Space Optimization , Smooth Data Centre Migration,Better Management  of Infrastructure

Project Description

Data Centre Migration Physical  Devices as well as Application Data  between geographical locations.

Three TIER of Backup of  complete infrastructure  including  VMWARE

Complement Project Management including Identification of RISK while Transition and Mitigation process.

Migration of File Server Data using Robocopy & Permcopy.

Manual capture of configuration of all critical services & File Server access rights.

Dismantle and  Move complete  Datacenter  Infra with  Third Party Logistics  (Racks , Servers , Storage, Network Devices, etc)

Mount all the Hardware and execute  Test Cases

Developed the Shutdown & Restart process with Application wise UAT along with expected results after physical movement.

Change the Routing and IP Address

Activate all the services for use

Extension of VLANs across the location by designing & Proposing Layer2 connectivity



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