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Project Detail

Understanding the challenges the customer was facing

Industry Served:


Technology / Product:

HP Servers – 02 nos.

HP Storage Device  – 01 no.

HP Quantum StorNextSoftware


1 Locations –  Data Center

Installation of  HP Hardware, Implementation of StorNextSoftware.

Business Benefit:

Storage solution that would allow Windows, Mac and Linux clients

to effortlessly access video footage.

Project Description

Understanding the challenges the customer was facing.

Positioning of the right products and solutions.

Supplied the complete Hardware and Software for the project.

Installation of HP’s DL380G7 Servers as Dual StorNext MDC Server and Dual StorNext NAS Gateway Server.

Installations of HP’s P2000 Storage with 20TB of usable space and on Fiber Channel interconnect.

Connected different Mac , Linux and Windows clients, ported data on the storage box for sharing of data among different clients.

Completed the testing and documentation for the whole project.



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