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PC Solutions Partner - Symantec







PC Solutions is a Gold level partner with Symantec

Gold Certified Partnership is the highest level of relationship, which Symantec offers to its solutions partners world wide.

Product offerings


Solutions Offerings:

Business Continuity: Define, implement, and manage solutions to protect against the effects of planned and unplanned downtime.

Disaster Recovery: Ensure business continuity with a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

High Availability: Continuous protection against planned and unplanned downtime.

Virtualization Management: Protect and manage virtual infrastructure.

Information Risk & Compliance: Ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies for securing and managing information.

IT Compliance: Automate key IT compliance processes.

Discovery & Retention Management: Secure information management with proactive content archiving.

Data Loss Prevention: Comprehensive confidential data protection.

Infrastructure Operations: Standardize, automate, and consolidate infrastructure operations to reduce complexity, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Endpoint Management: Reduce IT costs and complexities while improving efficiencies.

IT Service Management: Comprehensive IT asset lifecycle management.

Endpoint Virtualization: Manage and protect endpoint environments.

Security: Manage and protect infrastructure, information, and interactions against a growing array of increasingly sophisticated threats.

Security Management: Protect business interactions, critical information, and IT infrastructure.

Endpoint Security: Comprehensive security for endpoints.

Messaging Security: Inbound and outbound messaging protection.

Web Security: Inbound and outbound Web protection.

Storage: Optimize the way information is managed throughout its lifecycle and derive maximum value from information assets.

Storage Management: Manage heterogeneous storage platforms automatically.

Archiving: Comprehensive archiving and retention.

Data Protection: Protect and recover critical data and systems.



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The PC Solutions "QUEST": Quality in services through Universal cooperative approach with Exceptional reliability and Satisfaction to customers through Technical expertise.


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