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PC Solutions is a Country level partner with the Attachmate Group

Attachmate delivers advanced software for terminal emulation, legacy modernization, managed file transfer, and enterprise fraud management. Attachmate is one of four business units in a privately held enterprise software holding company called The Attachmate Group. The other three business units are Novell, NetIQ, and SUSE.

Attachmate Solutions offerings:

Windows 7 and Host Access: next-gen terminal emulators for Windows 7

 Managed File Transfer: Offers products to overcome file transfer problems of old FTP.

Legacy Modernization Via Service Enablement: Provides wide range of resources for unlocking legacy assets and using them with modern technologies.

Legacy Modernization Via Web Enablement: Jump-starts modernization strategy by using resource center for legacy web enablement and rejuvenation.

Cloud Enabling Mainframe Applications: Removes legacy impediments to doing business in the cloud and offers solutions in cloud-specific resource portal

Secure Mainframe Access: Protects mainframe data with Attachmate terminal emulation solutions-all built to meet evolving security threats and stringent regulations.

Unisys Host Access: Offers secure Unisys solutions to organizations that have zero tolerance for mistakes or delays-including the largest banks in the U.S., the world's major airline companies, and multiple government agencies worldwide.

Airlines Solutions: Offers secure airlines connectivity, printing, peripheral management, and common use operations.

Citrix-Ready Host Access: Delivers automated deployment, optimal performance, and easier upgrades for Virtualization applications which are Citrix compatible.

Attachmate Products offerings:

  • EXTRA! X-treme
  • EXTRA! 6530 Client Option
  • INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Unisys
  • INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines
  • Reflection for the Web 2011 Enterprise Edition
  • Reflection for the Web 2011 Unisys Edition
  • Reflection for the Web 2011 Airlines Edition
  • Reflection for IBM 14.1
  • Reflection for HP 14.1
  • Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 14.1
  • Reflection for the Multi-Host Enterprise
  • Reflection Suite for X 14.1
  • Reflection Enterprise Suite 2011
  • Reflection Professional Suite 2011
  • Reflection Standard Suite 2011
  • Reflection for IBM 2011
  • Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2011
  • Reflection for NonStop 2011 Add-On
  • Reflection Suite for X 2011


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