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PC Solutions is a Gold Partner with Ca technologies.

Ca technologies Solutions offerings:

IT Management Solutions

Service Automation : Utilizes automation to deliver quality business services at the lowest possible cost.

Service Assurance: Optimizes IT performance and assures reliability with proactive, integrated IT management across the enterprise.

Service Management: Ensures cost-effective, strategic deployment of all IT resources.

Project and Portfolio Management: Improves efficiency through best-practice project execution, resource optimization and cost control.

Data Management: Creates better disaster recovery plans, lowers storage-related costs and manages information through its entire life cycle.

Energy and Sustainability Management:  Measures, assesses , reports environmental impact and performance while aligning  sustainability initiatives with business goals

Cloud Solutions

Capacity Management:  Ensures the performance and availability of business services by virtualization and effective management .

IT Management as a Service: Manages services, projects, products, people and financials seamlessly-through any Web browser.

IT Security Solutions: Prevents security breaches

Advanced Authentication: Protects identities by using flexible and integrated strong, risk-based authentication methods.

Cloud Security: Protects cloud's valuable systems and information through authentication and federated single sign-on.

Identity Management and Governance: Manages user identities and governs users access based on their roles.

Information Protection and Control: Reduces risk to  critical assets by controlling the use of sensitive information through information protection and control.

Privileged User Management and Virtualization Security: Attains regulatory compliance by enabling shared account security in physical and virtual environments.

Web Access Management and Federated Identities: Prevents unauthorized access to critical systems, application and data.




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