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Cloud Solution

Cloud computing is the latest framework promising enterprises an enhanced performance, high scalability, mobility, agility, security and accessibilty to their existing IT infrastructure.

We, at PC Solutions offer a fast adaptation of this highly demanding technology to organizations. We provide private cloud, public cloud and application migration solutions to our clients which includes: evaluation, planning, pilot, decision, configuration and Implementation.

Advantages of Cloud Solution:

  • Projects developed in private/public cloud space increase efficiency
  • Setting up dynamic datacenters in cloud environment minimizes cost
  • Applications analysis/recommendations, conversion services and provisioning on cloud infrastructure
  • improves communication and Collaboration.

PC Solutions approaches the solution as a Consultant/ Advisor and System Integrator to help adopt and achieve the right cloud strategy for the organization.

Private Cloud:

PC Solutions has been working with various enterprise customers to implement private cloud, thereby growing the number of businesses within an enterprise. Private cloud implementation changes the way the organization consumes IT Services by creating a layer of on demand service for multiple IT Resources within the data center. This allows the datacenter to offer true infrastructure service capability as well as optimally managed application services.

We offer private cloud solutions at PC Solutions customized application framework based on various private cloud solutions offered by OEM’s like Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix etc.

Public Cloud:

PC Solutions offers customized frame work for public cloud implementation to organizations for adopting their public cloud strategy. We offer following services:

  • Consulting
  • Designing & Architecting
  • Implementation/ Migration

Application Migration:

PC Solutions offers customized and third party tools integration strategy for migration services from on-premise IT services to cloud based IT services, like migration to office 365 & Windows Azure. We offer following services for public cloud migration for customer’s critical business applications:

  • Assessment
  • Consulting
  • Designing/Architecting
  • Re-coding or redevelopment of application for its cloud enablement


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The PC Solutions "QUEST":Quality in services through Universal cooperative approach with Exceptional reliability and Satisfaction to customers through Technical expertise.


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