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IT Infrastructure Solution

Today's competitive environment makes it imperative that the IT infrastructure of the organization is aligned with dynamic business needs. IT Infrastructure must deliver effective, reliable end-to-end solutions that can transform organization's business operations.

PC Solutions offers IT infrastructure solutions which are aligned with the business needs and provide end to end strategy for transforming the enterprise. We partner with global technology leaders like HP, IBM, CISCO, Microsoft, EMC2, VMware, CITRIX, Oracle etc to implement the state of art solutions.

Our IT Infrastructure solutions include:

Data Centre (DC) Build

Owing to the dramatic and performance enhancing advancements in IT along with today’s changing business dynamics , there is a need for change in assessment of the value of DC to the organizations. The key to achieving high business value from the DC under this new paradigm is standardization, modularity and scalability which improves reliability and availability of the infrastructure and optimizes TCO.

PC Solutions offers Data center building solutions in partnership with global technology leaders like HP, IBM, APC, Emersonetc.

PC Solutions Offers:

  • Assessment of selected Site and needs
  • Evaluation of risks involved
  • Design Services
    • Validation of third party designs
    • Consultancy and design architecture
    • RFP creation and proposal evaluations
    • BCP & DR recommendations
  • Project management
  • Execution
    • Construction services
    • Installation and integration of Electricals ,
    • Installation and integration of Precision Air conditioning
    • Installation and integration of Access control
    • Installation and integration of Fire alarm
  • Relocation
  • Consolidation

Computing Solutions

This refers to computing in real IT terms about the computing processes carried out by servers of various technologies based on CISC, RISC and EPIC CPU’s.With the advent of Virtualization, the face of computing has changed dramatically.

PC Solutions offers computing solutions from HP & IBM. Based on the needs of the business, we do server sizing and offer the right size solution with RAS (Reliable, available, Scalable) capabilities.

We have specialized skills and certified manpower in designing and deploying the latest BLADE CHASSIS Technologies to all forms of servers which may be required at the Datacenters and branch offices.

PC Solutions Offers:

  • BLADE CHASSIS – Solutions
  • Rack Server – Solutions
  • Tower Server – Solutions

Storage Solutions

Growth of Information over the last decade has lead to an unprecedented requirement for storage. New technologies in storage like Tie ring, DE duplication, connectivity options other than FC, Unified storage etc provide options to optimize the storage resources.

PC Solutions has certified & trained man power to design and deploy various storage solutions to enterprise customers and offer such solutions from Storage vendors like EMC, IBM, HP and Symantec.

PC Solutions Offers:

  • Archiving
  • Backup and recovery
  • Enterprise Content management
  • Information Governance
  • IT Management
  • Replication
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Virtualization

Infra Managment

PC Solutions Infrastructure management framework offers management of your IT environments across datacenters consists of Physical, Virtual, on-premise, private cloud and public clouds computers, servers and other devices.

By effectively utilizing these integrated and automated management capabilities, you can service your business in a better way with defined SLA’s. Framework provides and captures knowledge about policies, processes, and best practices so that IT department of your organization can optimize infrastructure to reduce costs, improve availability of business critical applications and enhance service delivery.

PC Solutions Infrastructure management framework offers comprehensive management from the desktop to the datacenter using tools, Policies, Processes with onsite and remote or hybrid engagement models.




The PC Solutions "QUEST":Quality in services through Universal cooperative approach with Exceptional reliability and Satisfaction to customers through Technical expertise.


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