Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2019

4 Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2019

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Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of replicating and integrating human intelligence in machines. Also known as machine intelligence, it emphasizes on studying and designing of intelligent agents that can simulate human intellect. It makes the computer self-sufficient to evaluate datasets and applies algorithms for learning, reasoning, and self-correcting during task completion.

According to experts, the IT world is witnessing a dramatic rise in the platforms, tools and applications based on machine learning solutions and artificial intelligence solutions

The Holy Grail technology is believed to have pierced all aspects of the global business sphere. Since it is subject to innovations, many industries and sectors have evinced their reliance on it for enhancing their business’ efficiency and productivity.

Here are some artificial intelligence trends to look out for in 2019:      

  1. Cyber-security will majorly depend on AI

According to cyber security experts, cybercriminals are a menace for enterprises as they prominently target software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, cloud infrastructure and IoT devices. While it results in massive annual losses, developers are continuously working on innovating and upgrading technologies that can cope up with the rising number of security breaches. According to experts, AI will become more efficient and powerful to fight against cyber threats and hacking attacks in the year 2019. It will work with enhanced efficiency to detect real-time network abnormalities and identify cyber threats before they spread. 

  1. Convergence of AI and IoT

Reports published by a global business magazine claim that AI will work with IoT at the edge of computing in the year 2019. It is believed that models trained in public cloud will be deployed at the edge and IoT will emerge as a top use case for AI. It will undertake crucial tasks including outlier detection, root cause analysis, and predictive equipment maintenance. With devices getting equipped with special AI chips, IoT will emerge as the biggest driver of AI in enterprises.  

  1. Rise of Automated Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that works on algorithms. According to IT experts, automated machine learning (AutoML) will emerge as a game changer in the field of machine learning solutions. It is claimed that AutoML will empower developers and analysts to evolve ML models that can address complex scenarios while delivering appropriate customizations with same levels of flexibility.

  1. Other Major Trends:

IT professionals believe that artificial intelligence is here to stay and will continue to influence the world with innovative approaches. Some other AI trends to look out for in the year 2019 include:

  • AI to automate DevOps with AIOps
  • Enterprise AI will be developed on the basis of existing analytic applications
  • AI will empower next phases of digital transformation
  • New and upgraded technologies will enable partial automation of tasks

According to the leading artificial intelligence service providers, major economy influencing companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence services and the technology is believed to grow exponentially in coming years.

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