Is Cloud the Future of Cyber-security?

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It is a known fact that strategically implemented cloud solutions enable enterprises streamline their business operations and achieve long term data protection.

The increasing launch of cyberattacks like NotPetya/WannaCry by sophisticated attackers defeat the traditional security systems in place. Being cyber spies, the modern attackers use intelligent tactics along with disruptive malware to bypass defence-based security measures. In such a scenario, it is important to revolutionize security in a manner that it transforms into an active profile having the ability to aggressively hunt immediate attacks just like it predicts the future attacks.

Moving cybersecurity to the cloud is essential to predict and defeat attacks in real time. The cloud leverages the capability to instantly address known and unknown threats which can overpower the current security system. With the advantage of big data and instant analytics, cloud security must have a collaborative approach to differentiate between normal and abnormal activities across all users to build a global threat monitoring system.

Since a number of users are a part of the same cloud environment, a collaborative environment that instantly predicts threats through a worldwide threat monitoring system becomes extremely important. This ensures that all users under the cloud umbrella are notified of any threat.

New and innovative ways of malware seeding and data stealing by cyber attackers are causing disruption to our security system. To deal with such a situation, a collaborative security approach leveraging big data and analytics within the cloud can be of great help in disrupting the work of terrorists, cyber spies, and attackers.

The predictive security in the cloud is innovated enough to spoil the attempts of cyber spies for years. By collecting and analyzing unfiltered data using the powerful cloud platform, this technology can help in predicting and protecting against identified and unidentified attacks. Predictive security, in other words, offers you the ability to hunt threats before they hunt you.

Cyber spies use tools such as stealth and surprise to disrupt, destroy and steal data. The predictive security feature of the cloud acts as a counterintelligence agent that hunts the attacks before they can do any harm. By all means, cloud is the future of cybersecurity as it provides an in-depth insight to track and control mission-critical data.

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