Circle of Life Healthcare Pvt Limited (MyCol) Migration to AWS Cloud

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Circle of Life Healthcare Pvt Limited (MyCol) Migration to AWS Cloud Overview

PC Solutions Empowers Circle of Life Healthcare Pvt Limited (MyCol) with Higher Availability on AWS Cloud for their Mission Critical ZEVAC and peripheral Applications.

Circle of life Healthcare Pvt Limited (MyCol) is an international service provider of Artificial Intelligence powered next-gen AMS Software to Improve hospital’s Antimicrobial Usage by empowering Prescribers & ASP members with our AI powered software, ZEVAC.

Powered by PC Solutions deployment of Public Cloud IaaS capabilities - MyCol was able to seamlessly Migrate its application- ZEVAC, from Az-EKS to AWS-EKS and peripheral applications designing for Higher Availability & Durability.

MyCol was looking forward to make best use of data analytics, agility and security capabilities of its IT infrastructure on AWS cloud and that’s where PC Solutions came forward to help the company embrace AWS infrastructure and design a solution which is flawless for its operations.


About Circle of Life Healthcare Pvt Limited ( MyCol)

Circle of Life was formed to create an environment in which data backed decision-making can take place in the healthcare sector.

With access to more than 7 mn+ patient day data, we have created products to revolutionise the way infections are managed

Problem statement/definition

MyCol has been using application hosted on Az-EKS platform for their ZEVAC Application, using VMs on windows OS and Linux environment for some of business scenarios of its different workloads. Their requirement is to migrate their Az-EKS to AWS-EKS using Rehosting migration technique. The uptime of services was most critical for MyCol and there was India wide Outage in 2020 of the alternate cloud platform. PC Solution capitalised on the same and positioned AWS EKS services.

Also. Solution provided was complimented with Cloud Based Data Storage and backup with complete Life Cycle Management for Structured and unstructured data which were being generated through sources for its various enterprise applications.

PC Solutions was able to address both these concerns in a seamless manner and migrated the company’s App on to AWS Cloud infrastructure. And in order to derive maximum benefit for the organization, PC Solution was able to right size instances and provide 24 x 7 support services.


Partner Solution

Basis on detailed assessment of MyCol Infrastructure and application landscape, PC solutions has designed certain set of activities mentioned below which would help them in achieving desired objective.

Applications will be rehosted in Docker containers running on worker nodes of EKS cluster. There will be no changes in the application code and the same application will be deployed on containers and for containers orchestration AWS EKS will be used.

  • The deployment was done on kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS and AWS RDS PostgreSQL and MS SQL for the database.
  • EKS control plane deployed in public subnets.
  • The environment deployed in AWS Mumbai region.
  • There were multiple worker nodes deployed for each Test and Prod environment. The worker nodes are running in autoscaling group in private subnets.
  • The application was deployed in Docker containers running on EC2 instances, OS windows, version 2016.
  • EKS was used for Docker containers management and orchestration.
  • The existing RDS DB MS SQL was used, version 2019.
  • Code-Commit used for source code versioning control.
  • Jenkins used for pulling the code, build the package and deploying Docker containers.
  • Docker images managed on ECR repository.
  • Prepare Cloud (subscription, storage, network)
  • Set up the configuration server
  • Configure replication settings
  • Test Deployment
  • Risk Mitigation Planning



Big Advantages

Amazon Web Services has been around for approximately two decades and it holds a large portion of the cloud infrastructure business. Also, an increasing number of tech-savvy businesses and industry leaders are recognising the many benefits of AWS cloud computing services.

But more than that, they are using AWS for hosting various applications and technology more efficiently to run their organisations, better serve their customers, and dramatically increase their overall efficiency and profit margins.

Driven by flexible cloud capabilities, scalable-infrastructure performance MyCol to have better control on Infrastructure costs along with Business Continuity and Data Availability.

This solution has helped MyCol towards improving productivity by right sizing of storage and computing capabilities as per their application requirements.

PC Solutions Limited can also provide 24 x 7 managed support & monitoring provided which drives quarterly optimization on cloud expenditure.

The Road Ahead

Keeping the success of this cloud migration in mind, MyCol is strongly considering AWS Public Cloud for Future Hosting requirements.

About PC Solutions

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