Server Systems

Server Systems

The HPE Servers provide firmware-level security features and the HPE Intelligent System Tuning Technology allows for server performance optimization and includes special functions like modulating frequency and server tuning to match workload profiles.

PC Solutions partnered with HPE offers state-of-the-art server solutions to its clients. We help you identify the right server for your enterprise and our innovative engineers assure an infrastructure with higher efficiency, rapid IT service delivery with more visibility and better control.

We offer the following server solutions:

  • Density Optimized
  • High Performance Computing
  • Servers for Cloud
  • Servers for internet of Things

Density Optimized Servers

PC Solutions offers the HPE’s Apollo Server and Moonshot Server Systems depending upon your business needs. If you are looking for enhanced data performance, we deliver the HPE Apollo Server which has an innovative power distribution and air-and-liquid-cooling technique ensuring four times enhanced performance.

For workload specific performance, we deliver HPE’s Moonshot Server System which provides modular scalability, less power consumption and complexity, and delivers workload optimization with breakthrough economics.


High Performance Computing

With our trusted association with HPE, PC Solutions is proud to offer the most advanced production supercomputer to its clients. The HPE SGI8600 is architected for best performance, scale and efficiency.

Our high quality consulting services powered by the most powerful technology will help you solve the biggest scientific, engineering and data analytics problems. We implement solutions which help you achieve real-time insights and innovation in system design.

Servers for Cloud

PC Solutions in association with HPE delivers the HPE Cloudline Server to its clients which is specifically designed for cloud data centers. We enable clients to meet the growing demand of computing and our implementation services ensure the integration of ready-to-run cloud solutions with existing infrastructure over open platforms.

Servers for Internet of Things

Internet of Things Servers allow for processing data at the remote site and ensure better control of your data. It establishes the connection between new and existing devices and provides enhanced data protection.

PC Solutions has market leadership in offering the following servers to its clients:

  • The HPE Edgeline Portfolio which is designed to work in any environment and deliver secure connectivity and control at the edge.
  • The HPE Converged Edge System which offers high performance computing, control systems and data acquisition.
  • The HPE Intelligent Gateway Systems which are industry-ready, performance oriented systems powered by advanced processors for higher computing capabilities.


Our holistic approach, technical expertise and innovative strategies have helped us implement reliable solutions across industry verticals.

  • BFSI Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Govt/PSUs Served By PC Solutions
  • Hospitality Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • IT/ITES Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Manufacturing Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Media Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Services Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Telecom Industries Served By PC Solutions

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