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Project Detail

Designing of the Backup Solutions

Industry Served:


Technology / Product:

HP NAS Devices  – 11 nos.

HP Back up Software

HP Tape Drives


11 locations – Regional Offices

End Installation of  HP Storage including the Backup Software along with HP Backup Devices.

Business Benefit:

Consolidation of Data at Regional Offices.

Automated Backup Services.

Project Description

Designing of the Backup Solutions.

Sizing of the Data keeping in mind the future expansion for each regional offices.

Proposed the right HP Hardware and Software for the project.

Supplied the complete Hardware and Software for the project.

Installed HP’s X1600 NAS Devices in all the locations.

Configured the HP’S Data Protector Backup Software.

Integrated  HP’s Back Up Tape drives with the storage devices.

Completed the testing and documentation for the whole project.



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