AWS Managed Services Partner

Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Service Delivery

Modernize and migrate from Windows to Amazon to transform your company.


Trust us to work with you as a partner on your cloud transformation path as an AWS Managed Services Partner. We can provide the appropriate expertise at a fair price to guarantee successful customer outcomes thanks to our years of experience in Windows workload. You can rely on us to assist you in resolving the issue and maximizing the Return for your company, whether it involves Windows migration or modernization.


With a focus on meeting business needs and goals, PC Solutions has a dedicated team of experts skilled in automating management solutions for Windows workloads operating on Windows servers.

USP: PC Solutions has expertise, experience, and a sizable team of Cloud experts who help organizations modernize & migrate their Microsoft Applications & Windows Workload on AWS Cloud. With over a decade of experience in Microsoft & Windows workload, 120+ unique customers Infra upgradation, 1000+ VM with 400+ servers, managed through our 24X7 NOC support, and more, PC Solutions has experience with Microsoft & Windows workload.


Leader in Hosting Windows workloads for more than 10 years. Leverage PC Solutions & AWS Cloud to transform and realise the Efficiency, Flexibility & Cost Optimized solution on Cloud

Broader and Deeper Functionality

Widest selection of Cloud services—2X more Windows instances than its nearest competitor. This includes services such as the AWS Deep Learning…

Greater Reliability

Global infrastructure with AWS Region/AZ model—recognized by industry analysts as the recommended approach for running enterprise applications that require high availability…

Faster Performance

SQL Server on AWS consistently shows a 2x-3x better performance using HammerDB, a TPC-C-like benchmark tool compared to the next largest cloud provider. ZK Research points out AWS has at least a 2X price…

PSPL Offerings

Migrate to AWS

Backup & DR Services on AWS

Connect AWS with other Clouds

Greenfield Deployment on AWS

PC Solutions is known for using multi-tier deployment strategy in every deployment solution. This strategy has ensured high availability of this application and as…

Managed Services on AWS

PC Solutions team (NOC) shall work as customer’s extended team model to provide comprehensive support in PSPL’s implemented infrastructure, database and application framework related operations…

PC Solutions will help to


Migrate or Deploy your Applications on AWS Cloud which offers Widest selection of Cloud services—2X more Windows instances than its nearest contemporaries. This includes services such as the AWS…

Replatform with higher Reliability

Leveraging Managed Services provided by PC Solutions 24X7 operational NOC & AWS Cloud automated scaling, self-healing capabilities, Global infrastructure with…

Refactor with Accelerated Performance

Modify or Build powerful applications with Cloud-native features for enhanced scalability and reliability with expertise offered by PC Solutions and AWS…

Appreciation By Clients
Success Stories

Circle of Life Healthcare Pvt Limited (MyCol) Migration to AWS Cloud.

The Lalit- Bharat Hotels is able to seamlessly integrate multi-city availability of its Website – across the Globe.

Binary Semantics is able to seamlessly integrate multi-city availability of its GST Application across India.

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PC Solutions with decades of consulting proficiency offers highly beneficial cloud services to its clients.

AWS Cloud Services

AWS Solutions provides the public cloud services for your business with minimum security threat.

Hybrid Cloud Consultancy and Solutions

PC Solutions provides state-of-the-art hybrid cloud services to enterprises in design & implementation.

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PC Solutions offers remote IT infrastructure management services to optimize your infrastructure maintenance cost.

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PC Solutions has a proven approach to delivering cloud productivity solutions.

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PC Solutions provides the public cloud services for your business with minimum security threat.

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PC Solutions offers integrated solutions for safety of sensitive data to secure it at all times.

Advanced Threat Protection for Mail

PC Solutions is a certified expert in deploying the Symantec™ Advanced Threat Protection system for Mail.

Data Center Security

Our consultants deploy Symantec™ Data Center Security for nonstop surveillance of both private & on-premises clouds.

Web App Firewall and Reverse Proxy

In partnership with Symantec, PC Solutions offers the deployment of the Symantec Web Application Firewall.

Application Firewall Solution

PC Solutions leverages its partnership with Citrix to provide the Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall solutions

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PC Solutions in association with Symantec and Microsoft offers state-of-the-art Data Loss Prevention services.

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Our certified consultants provide perfect cyber security services involving cost effective solutions.

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We provide Symantec's expertise in architecture design, solution overviews and infrastructure sizing in Endpoint Security.

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Rapid technological advancement have motivated enterprises to transform businesses into distinct & transparent Digital environment.

Backup Solution

PC Solutions offers robust onsite, offsite, and hybrid-cloud based data backup solutions to its clients.


PC Solutions with Microsoft help enterprises select the most suitable license which meets their business needs.


We offer virtualization plan implementable phase-by-phase for business needs of enterprises.

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PC Solutions leverages a vast experience in offering end-to-end Enterprise Solutions to clients across industry verticals.


PC Solutions in association with Citrix & Microsoft offers optimum mobility management solutions to the enterprises.

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PC Solutions offers effective and reliable IT infrastructure services to meet the dynamic business needs.


We offer rich expertise in providing network solutions in alignment with the business needs of enterprises.

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PC Solutions offers development of customized software to meet the diverse business needs of its clients.

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We understand your business complexities and provide effective & tailor-made software solutions.

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We offer latest mobility solutions which make locations irrelevant and achieve values from mobile devices.

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We offer the most advanced database services to have real-time secure access to the critical data.

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Portal & Collaboration solutions connect people, information & systems in unified manner within enterprise.


We enable enterprises to securely interact with employees, consumers, partners, and suppliers for the IDM Needs.