How is Ensuring Business Continuity in the Cloud Beneficial for Enterprises

How is Ensuring Business Continuity in the Cloud Beneficial for Enterprises?

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How is Ensuring Business Continuity in the Cloud Beneficial for Enterprises

Responding to various threats and disasters without interrupting business activities requires a proactive business continuity plan (BCP) which consists of several policies and procedures that can help enterprises face any unpredictable situation. Ensuring business continuity becomes even more important in a business that demands a high level of uptime.

One of the key components of BCP is a disaster recovery plan. According to statistics, around one in ten companies say that they experienced losses in business due to the lack of a proper disaster recovery plan. Having a contingency plan that is capable of dealing with unpredictable circumstances without putting any business activity at risk is vital for enterprises to protect themselves from both financial as well as reputational damages.

Let us now look at some of key factors which suggest why ensuring business continuity is important for enterprises:

  1. Reduced Downtime

Lack of ensuring business continuity can cause massive financial losses to enterprises. The increased downtime losses can start from approximately $7000 per hour for small businesses and the figure can go up to $1.3 million per hour for large enterprises. Strategically implemented business continuity services can help enterprises eliminate such downtime while lowering financial losses.

  1. Data Security

Almost every enterprise handles large amount of confidential consumer data as well as its own mission critical data. In such a scenario, ensuring business continuity becomes highly important in case your business is targeted by a cyber-attack. If consumer’s confidential information gets leaked, it raises a big question on the enterprise’s credibility apart. Besides, enterprises suffer massive revenue losses due to it.

  1. Protecting your Business

Strategically implemented cloud computing services and disaster recovery services enable enterprises to improve business continuity with the help of a well-thought disaster recovery and business continuity plan. This greatly helps in limiting the risk of any business during an unpredictable situation.

Virtualization is one such technology that allows enterprises to achieve the backup and replication of workloads across multiple global data centers. This helps enterprises to ensure business continuity and improve their business’ efficiency.

As per a cloud computing survey, around 33% of the top cloud investments ensure business continuity in their enterprise to improve the efficiency of their business. Some of the strong cloud strategies for business continuity include:

  • An analysis of Total Cost of Ownership
  • Following compliance and governance rules
  • Locally backing up data and remotely encrypting the backup data

Business continuity can help enterprises to increase their business’s productivity while saving revenue losses. However, it is important to opt for business continuity services only from the leading cloud service providers in India having globally recognized certified consultants who have rich expertise in developing strong and well-thought business continuity and disaster recovery plans that can help enterprises to deal with any unpredictable threat or disaster.

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