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As a trusted partner with technology industry leaders, PC Solutions offers state-of-the-art Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions which cater to both the business and IT infrastructure needs of our clients. Our certified consultants strategically build a BI roadmap by deploying solutions which include platform testing and rolling them out.

Our BI & Analytics experts have a rich experience in implementing proven frameworks and solutions which support traditional, on-premise and hybrid cloud deployments.


We have an expertise in the following domains:

Enterprise Data Warehousing & Analytics Solutions

PC Solutions leverages a tested methodology for Data Warehousing & Analytics Solutions which enables enterprises to generate an enterprise-wide central repository for their critical data and allows the KPI to be in alignment with their business needs.

Data Warehousing Benefits

  • Readily available and easy access to data.
  • Centralized data integrity (One source of the truth).
  • Consistent and accurate maintenance of the historical data.
  • Faster querying and analysis.

Our expertise include:

  • Providing a blue print for your enterprise’s success by determining the individual goals and business processes.
  • Designing a comprehensive and functional data warehouse dimensional model (OLAP, star schema, etc.)
  • Developing Operational Data Stores for interim data storage.
  • Identifying and defining the type of data being stored and sources used.
  • Launching a tiered deployment ensuring successful implementation.
  • Leveraging best ETL practices, including development, tuning and maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance, tuning and backup.
  • Support for Oracle, Microsoft, and MySQL technologies.

Data Marts and Cube Designs

Data marts allow for easy access to information on a departmental level. They provide rapid and efficient data access to individual departments within an enterprise without interruption from irrelevant data.

PC Solutions has an experienced team of certified consultants who have diverse experience in deploying data marts and cube design solutions for enterprises.

We help you with:

  • Determining the ideal data hierarchy and notifying whether your enterprise needs an independent data mart or not.
  • Designing, developing and implementing data marts by employing star or snowflakes schemas or OLAP cubes.
  • Populating data mart by performing ETL procedures.
  • Creating OLAP and data cubes for efficient data querying and response time.
  • Ongoing maintenance and tuning.

Data Visualization Services & Solutions

Data Visualization allows the high level executives of an enterprise to view data in an easy to understand, pleasing and meaningful language. PC Solutions’ data visualization experts are trained in the deployment of data visualization tools such as Power BI, SSRS, Tableau, etc.

Our experts ensure that your data is presented in a clear, concise and consistent manner enabling your enterprise to utilize it in the most befitting way. We offer the following Data Visualization services:

  • Building Visualization method by parsing data into critical components.
  • Data mining and discovering to identify patterns, trends, insights, and potential usage strategy.
  • Identifying, developing and creating visualization method catering to your business needs.
  • Eliminating the data not relevant to your data set.

We offer round the clock support to enterprises of all sizes and routinely perform the following tasks:

  • Designing, developing and building customized data integration and ETL solutions conforming to industry standards and best practices.
  • Data extraction from multiple support formats, including XML, Flat Files, IMS, etc.
  • Ensuring data integrity and eliminating ‘dirty data’ by cleaning extracted data.
  • Loading transformed data into customized warehouse in alignment with your storage needs.
  • Developing data warehouse structures and transforming logic from scratch.
  • Tuning and adding functionality to existing packages if required.
  • Ongoing troubleshooting and support.
  • Performance tuning of poorly running logic and data transformations.

ETL and Data Integration Services

PC Solutions has a certified team of data integration, migration, and ETL experts who have comprehensive experience in planning, developing and deploying efficient data warehousing and migration solutions for Oracle, Microsoft and MySQL technologies.

Our flexible and scalable solutions towards data integration, migration, and ETL enhance your data’s accessibility, efficiency and capability of being analyzed through multiple departments within your enterprise.

Enterprise Data Planning & Design Solutions

Data planning and design is the most crucial step to building an efficient, enterprise-wide data management. PC Solutions offers highly flexible and scalable data planning and design solutions which are tailor-made for an enterprise’s database needs.

Our services help enterprises answer the following questions:

  • Type of data being created and how will it be defined?
  • How will the data be understood across multiple platforms through visualization?
  • Who owns the data and who can access it?
  • Where and how will the data be stored and managed?
  • How can the data be used for business?

Our expert solutions include:

  • Assessing the existing data plan and strategy of your enterprise, including databases, structures, storage, etc.
  • Auditing and recommending new business applications to work in alignment with your existing database layer.
  • Identifying, planning and developing an accessible, efficient database structure.
  • Defining and developing data model enabling you to accurately understand how data sources are related to each other.
  • Developing a contingency plan for data management obstacles.

Data Governance

PC Solutions has a team certified consultants who specialize in providing efficient data governance solutions to its clients. Our holistic approach covering all aspects of an enterprise allows them to have complete control over their data and ensures highest quality and integrity of data assets. We employ the best market practices which assure data consistency, integrity, and transparency along with compliance to industry standards.

Our data governance experts are highly capable of:

  • Planning and development of goals for every department in your enterprise.
  • Developing standard and guiding principles for data governance utilizing the best practices suiting your business needs.
  • Master Data Management for streamlined data sharing and improved data reporting systems.
  • Data profiling on data assets ensuring consistency and quality of all data.
  • Analyzing results to help develop data governance rules and processes.
  • Providing time and accurate reporting solutions for leveraging data throughout the enterprise.
  • Consulting in discovery and resolution of data related issues.

Master Data Management

MDM enables enterprises to create a centralized repository for their critical data to ensure faster and efficient access along with implementing data governance standards allowing for higher reliability and consistency of the data.

PC Solutions’ MDM experts have a rich experience in providing effective Master Data Management solutions to its clients.

Key Benefits of MDM:

  • Streamlining data across all departments.
  • Optimized processing power.
  • Multiple databases can be employed to evaluate “what if” scenario for future product launches.
  • Master file to recognize data formats.
  • Data is readily available to only authorized personnel.

Our expertise is in the following domains:

  • Determining data entry, source, storage and utilization by performing data audit.
  • Proposing a testing a data governance model and identifying a business model most suitable for your enterprise.
  • Designing and deploying master data model and infrastructure.
  • Leverage best ETL practices for cleaning, transforming and merging all your source data.
  • Ensuring reliability and consistency of data by performing regular ongoing maintenance.


Our holistic approach, technical expertise and innovative strategies have helped us implement reliable solutions across industry verticals.

  • BFSI Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Govt/PSUs Served By PC Solutions
  • Hospitality Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • IT/ITES Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Manufacturing Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Media Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Services Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Telecom Industries Served By PC Solutions

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