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Private Cloud Consultancy and Solutions

Private Cloud Consultancy & Solutions

PC Solutions offers best-in-class industry proven private cloud solutions to enterprises. Our implementation services keeping your current and future business needs in mind, provide you an added cognizance to security, speed and control.

PC Solutions' team of globally recognized certified consultants have an expertise in architecture, designing and implementation services using OEM products like Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix.


  • Microsoft System Centre Suite & Hyper-V


  • VMware vCloud Suite


  • Cloud Platform

Make cloud adoption easier with- Microsoft Azure (PaaS |IaaS |SaaS)

Streamline operations and administration with Azure Cloud Services from PC Solutions and extend the functionality of your hybrid cloud infrastructure. From initial cloud investments to long-term data protection and efficient cost control, Azure Services can help you create the hybrid cloud environment that will transform your business. Adopt hybrid clouds effortlessly, and integrate cloud services into hybrid cloud environments easily with Azure Cloud Services from PC Solutions:

  • Business Continuity: Protect virtual machines, physical servers and your business-critical applications with integrated backup, replication, and failover to Azure and only pay for the resources you consume.
  • Data Backup: Deliver flexible, secure, scalable backup. Realize significant cost savings, shorter recovery times and up to 99 years of data retention on Azure.
  • Dev/Test Labs: Create and provision Windows/Linux environments quickly on Azure. Minimize waste, control costs and scale up load testing efficiently with reusable templates and pre-provisioned environments.
  • Provision rapidly and seamlessly: Simplify IT operations and eliminate administrative burden on valuable IT resources by depending PC Solutions as the single point-of-contact for all your Azure Cloud Services provisioning and technical/billing needs. This enables you to assign your valuable IT resources to more strategic efforts. Improve IT efficiency and reduce your operating costs with a utility-like cloud-services model. Engage PC Solutions to speed up your provisioning process and to handle all the administration tasks. With PC Solutions as your cloud partner, you can migrate to cloud services on your terms and time frame, and you pay only for the services you consume.
  • Transform your IT services: Engage PC Solutions Professional Services to integrate Azure Cloud Services, and transform your IT into modern agile systems. PC Solutions experts can help you understand the impact cloud is likely have on your staff and processes — considerations that are critical to successful adoption of a cloud solution. Accelerate your roadmap, and ease your transition to a hybrid cloud environment with help from PC Solutions consultants. They can work with you to review your specific issues and constraints, and to help you avoid common pitfalls. You can create a strategy that tracks to your organization’s cloud vision and implement a plan that helps you achieve your ROI.

With Azure Cloud Services from PC Solutions, you don’t manage account administration or billing. PC Solutions does that for you. Join us to provide agile, secure, economical services that simplify and extend data center capabilities.


Benefits from our private cloud services:

  • Reduction in hardware purchasing, operating system licensing and associated costs.
  • Flexibility and scalability according to changing business needs.
  • Better security and management at a cost effective price.
  • On demand Provisioning and De-provisioning – Heterogeneous platform.
  • Improved reliability and more control.
  • Better utilization of your hardware with superior resource management.
  • Time saving.


Our holistic approach, technical expertise and innovative strategies have helped us implement reliable solutions across industry verticals.

  • BFSI Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Govt/PSUs Served By PC Solutions
  • Hospitality Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • IT/ITES Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Manufacturing Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Media Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Services Industries Served By PC Solutions
  • Telecom Industries Served By PC Solutions

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