Virtualization Management Services

3 Virtualization Advantages for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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Virtualization Management Services

In today’s highly competitive business world, modern-day enterprises need to leverage state-of-the-art technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. The virtualization technology has been around for over a decade now and been a key factor in the growth of cloud-based services available to enterprises today. It provides a hypervisor between the operating systems and a computer’s physical hardware, and allows the segregation of workloads and applications even when multiple operating systems are run on the same computer or server.

 Let us now look at some of key benefits virtualization provides for small and medium-sized industries:

  1. Optimal Hardware Utilization

Even the busiest of workloads aren’t able to fully utilize the performance of computers if virtualization is not put in place. Virtualization enables small and medium-sized enterprises to gain maximum output from their physical servers along with saving money on the associated hardware costs. It allows them to drive consistent processor performance while leaving some extra capacity in the event of a physical server failure or maintenance issue. 

  1. Recovery

Virtualization simplifies the process of backup and recovery and ensures backing up of the entire server so that every file, folder, application, and setting are included. This eliminates the risk of missing out the backup of any important file whose location was changed without updating it in the backup plan. Besides, the recovery process with virtualization eliminates the unwanted downtime of enterprises and ensures continuous business operations. Even in case of a complete physical server failure, the hypervisor layer containing the backup of virtual servers restored to it allows for an easy installation of the replacement setup. The virtualization technology has completely transformed recovery to a simple and consistent process wherein a virtual server can be running again in less than a couple of hours once the replacement physical server is obtained.

  1. Ease of Management

Virtual machines offer ease of management to enterprises once the operating system and associated applications are extracted from the physical hardware. Once the extra resources are available with the physical server, adjusting a few settings and restarting the virtual machine is all that’s required to adjust the amount of memory, number of processors, and storage capacity of the server. Besides, virtual environment can take a snapshot of the virtual machine before an upgrade which reduces the concerns associated with application upgrades.

The virtualization technology offers a number of benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises. However, it is extremely important to opt for virtualization management services only from the leading virtualization management service providers in India having globally recognized certified consultants who have years of experience in helping small and medium-sized enterprises develop a comprehensive virtualization plan with phase-by-phase implementation. This allows organizations to achieve better IT infrastructure management while reducing overall operational costs.

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