Big Data in Digital Advertising World

How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Digital Advertising World?

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Big Data in Digital Advertising World

The furtherance of technological adobe has mutated the digital advertising world. In order to remain relevant with dynamic market scenarios, advertising enterprises have embraced the incorporation of big data solutions for collecting and analyzing humongous amounts of data sets.

According to technical experts, modern advertising has evolved as a subject to ultra-high speed networks, statistics, data science, and research. This has leveraged the need of big data analytics as it is a powerful tool that can redefine business models and value propositions.

Some ways big data is revolutionizing the digital advertising world include:   

  1. Dynamic Data Study

Digital advertising agencies use big data analytics to empower their systems with abilities to collect, store, integrate and study data, irrespective of its nature. Since it can conduct analysis of both structured and unstructured forms of data, it can provide advertisers with fresh and relevant insights from clutters. According to experts, almost 80% of available data is recognized as unstructured data that is available in the form of photos, videos or social media posts. With traditional methods going inefficient to analyze them effectively, big data analytics works efficiently to save the day. 

  1. Real-Time Data Analysis

Unlike conventional database solutions, big data solutions can carry out analysis operations at a lightning fast pace. They can easily complete sophisticated processes while providing real-time analysis and insights. This empowers the marketers to make real-time decisions and take quick actions based on reliable and relevant information.     

  1. Personalized and Targeted Ads

According to IT experts, masses produce colossal amounts of data that can be studied to frame consumer behavior and preferences. Big data analyzes these data sets and aids advertisers for creating and delivering more targeted advertisements in a non-intrusive way. It allows advertisers to study the current market status and target users with more personalized advertisements.     

  1. Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis allows brands to recognize target consumers in order to have most effective reach and impact. It conducts identification of potential audiences and helps in reaching out to them with highly targeted and personalized messaging on appropriate platforms. It works alongside artificial intelligence solutions to understand consumer behavior, characteristics, etc. and helps advertisers in anticipating future sales and responses.  

Big data analytics also helps in solving problems related to ad frauds. It is capable of measuring impressions and learning user behavior to differentiate between bots and humans, and enables the process of exposing ad frauds and non-human impressions. However, it is important for digital advertising brands to opt for big data services only from the leading big data service providers in India having globally recognized certified consultants in order to gain maximum benefits from this state-of-the-art technology.


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