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How can Deploying NetScaler App Firewall Safeguard Enterprises from any Attacks?

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The growing concern of securing web applications has been worrying enterprises for a long time. Protecting web applications from both familiar as well as unfamiliar attacks requires a supreme web application firewall that can provide protection against SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, cookie tampering, etc.

The NetScaler App Firewall offers comprehensive security solutions to enterprises by leveraging the best price-to-performance ratio and proven security features. Let us now see in detail how the NetScaler App Firewall is useful in safeguarding enterprises from any forgery attacks:

  1. Hybrid Security Model                     

The NetScaler App Firewall is a hybrid security model having a configuration ideally suited for securing the mission-critical applications of enterprises. It provides the advantages of a positive as well a negative security model. In a positive security model, it offers protection against:

  • Buffer Overflow
  • Forceful Browsing
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Form/Hidden Field Manipulation
  • Insecure Use of Cryptography
  • Server Misconfiguration
  • Cookie Poisoning
  • Command Injection, etc.

On the other hand, a negative security model offers protection against L7 and HTTP application vulnerabilities. While a positive security model is ideal for safeguarding applications that need a high security, a negative security model is ideally suited for protection customized applications.

  1. Both Request and Response Side Detection and Protection

Any suspicious behavior can be easily detected by inspecting the incoming requests and taking desired actions. It provides protection against leakage of sensitive data by in-depth checking of responses.

  1. Built-in Protections for XML, HTML and JSON Payloads

Leveraging 19 different security checks, the NetScaler App Firewall has a rich set of security options and actions. Six security checks such as Start URL and Deny URL are for both HTML as well as XML data. Five security checks like Field Consistency and Field Format are HTML specific while the remaining eight like Web Service Interoperability and XML Format specifically cater to XML Payloads. The NetScaler App Firewall also offers:

  • SOAP Array Attack Protection
  • WSDL Scan Prevention
  • XML Denial of Service
  • Attachment Checks, etc.
  1. Performance

The NetScaler App Firewall offers easy handling of large posts with considerable of improvement in processing time. Its request-side streaming feature provides a significantly improved performance as the forwarding of resulting data and evaluation for the remaining fields is carried out simultaneously as soon as a field is processed.

  1. Interoperability

Another big advantage of the NetScaler App Firewall is its ability to seamlessly work with other NetScaler features like:

  • URL Transformation
  • Integrated Caching
  • Rewrite
  • CVPN
  • Rate Limiting

As the NetScaler App Firewall provides enhanced security against any forgery attacks, it is extremely important that enterprises opt for web application firewall services only from the leading application firewall solution providers having globally recognized certified consultants with rich expertise in deploying the firewall and complying with the latest government regulations.

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