PC Solutions Enables the Lalit - Bharat Hotels with more Security and Agility on AWS Cloud

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Lalit - Bharat Hotels Overview

Powered by PC Solutions deployment of AWS Cloud IaaS capabilities - The Lalit- Bharat Hotels is able to seamlessly integrate multi-city availability of its Website - across the Globe

The Lalit- Bharat Hotels is a globally recognized Hospitality Company offering multi-city services across the globe. They needed to cater its rapidly growing customer base and workloads spread across multiple cities in a more secure environment. The Lalit Hotel- Bharat was looking forward to maximize the security capabilities of its IT infrastructure and that’s where PC Solutions came forward to help the company embrace AWS cloud infrastructure and design a solution which is perfect for its operations.


Customer Situation

The Lalit Hotel- Bharat developed innovative Web sites, interactive with multiple features for its global audiences and PC Solutions helped the organization to achieve greater security, scalability and agility while mindfully utilizing AWS resources to deploy this application over AWS Cloud.

The company was having its infrastructure on a local data center previously by delivering next generation-ready cloud capabilities to the organization, PC Solutions was able to successfully migrate its Web Application to AWS Cloud and enabled a seamless customer experience across the globe.

The organization designed a unique website, to cater the increase in demand coming from various global cities while maintaining secure environment for its underlining applications which included payment gateways. PC Solutions was able to address these concerns in a seamless manner and migrated the company’s websites on to AWS Cloud infrastructure. And in order to derive maximum benefit for the organization, PC Solution was able to right size instances and provide 24 x 7 support services.


PC Solutions has utilized an innovative approach working with multiple touch points from application side. The company has used a multi-tier deployment in this solution. This strategy has ensured high availability of this application and as a result, the company is able to ensure business continuity for its customer base. In addition, driving high level of security for this deployment, PC Solutions followed security best practices by applying Web Application Firewall rules for application security and AWS shield for preventing DDoS attacks, this infrastructure strategy has enhanced security and strengthened their overall experience.


Customer Quote

“When we started migration, we knew our main challenge was to manage increasing workloads and security our website which has customer base across multiple global cities. By deploying our Website on AWS Cloud, we are now able to considerably improve our service to our global customers. Security and latency were a big issue for us and the security with the help of PC Solutions, we have decreased average network latency, while at the same time increasing our customer service and efficiency levels.”

Key Drivers of Deployment

The Lalit - Bharat Hotels is using AWS Cloud to deploy its widely used Web Application - Migration in a faster manner. With this deployment by PC Solutions, the company is also able to scale to process large volumes of data, and troubleshoot issues in a timely fashion that is helping the company increase its customer loyalty.

Most importantly, with the help of flexible AWS Cloud capabilities, the company is able to build a standard deployment model wherein development teams can quickly provision IT infrastructure for new initiatives or updates building around the application.

With this deployment, the company is also able to run the application seamlessly across multiple cities and in multiple availability zones to ensure data is always available and to enable disaster recovery. With this infrastructure deployment, The Lalit Hotel- Bharat team has better control over development and operations on AWS Cloud.

On the other hand, previously, the company was using provisioning of servers for a full-load scenario in its own data center. And hence, deployment of any application was a cumbersome process wherein capacity and traffic was difficult to predict and manage.


Advantages of the Solution

This AWS Cloud solution deployment by PC Solutions is driving a lot of cost optimization for The Lalit Hotel- Bharat. Completely driven by cloud, it is also delivering monthly reporting mechanism and infrastructure optimization for the company.

The Lalit – Bharat Hotel is also driving a lot of improvement in the company’s productivity with the help of right sizing its application requirements and delivering business flexibility.

The solution is able to deliver better manageability for the company as with this deployment, PC Solutions is enabling 24x7 managed support and monitoring of the solution.

With this deployment, PC Solutions has also increased stability and availability of the company’s network and made provisions for automated scaling in order to avoid any future issues related to scalability.

Seamless cloud infrastructure performance is also helping The Lalit- Bharat Hotels to have better customer experience with its potential customers.

The Road Ahead

The Lalit Hotel- Bharat is a global hospitality and with this deployment of Web Application over AWS Cloud, the organization is able to considerably enhance its customer experience while cost-effectively utilizing its IT infrastructure.

With this deployment generating great benefits, the company is looking forward to moving more of its applications over cloud infrastructure in the near future.


About PC Solutions


PC Solutions is a strategic, influential, and credible leader in the field of Technology services, consulting and IT infrastructure solutions for the past thirty years.

With our unparalleled compliance to process and security standards, we are certified as ISO/IEC 20000-2011, ISO27001-2013, ISO9001:2008, CMMi - Level 3 Company.

Since our inception in 1988, our team of experts have diligently ensured that we align the IT solutions to meet the business needs of enterprises with agility and precision. We are global, and our customer base spans across industries on the worldwide map.

About The Lalit- Bharat


The Lalit Hotel- Bharat Hotels is a client centric global software development company offering IT services, Consulting services and Knowledge services across several industry segments such as Automobiles, Manufacturing, FMCG, Technology, Insurance, Travel, Hospitality and B2B Publishing. Our global operations spread across USA, Canada, Europe and India have won over 150 satisfied customers.

The company leverages on its strong technology expertise and deep industry knowledge to develop customized solutions and services to fit customer's needs.

Its experienced consultants and domain experts thrive on challenges and work as a cohesive unit to develop cutting edge solutions for its global client base. The company's partnership approach combines the best practices along with its robust processes and methodologies to add and create unique value for its customers.