Enhanced User Experience without Compromising Information Security

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Perfetti Van Melle Overview

PC Solutions had all the resources for the implementation of the solutions that we deployed and also possessed the technical understanding needed for the deployment. As a Business Solutions provider, they have been responsive and understood our requirements to enable faster growth for us through technology solutions. We will continue to work with them on a long-term basis for our implementation needs.

~ BasantChaturvedi, Head - IT, Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI)

Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) is a global confectionary conglomerate headquartered in Lainate, Italy and Breda (the Netherlands). With close to a 25 percent market share, the company, through its Indian subsidiary, is the leading player in the organized confectionery business in India today.



Being a geographically spread company, PVM's employees wanted to access enterprise applications irrespective of their location and device. From the IT Head's perspective, the need of the hour was to enhance user experience without compromising on information security. “Employees wanted the freedom of mobility on any device, and from anywhere. To meet this requirement we needed an enterprise mobility solution to ensure that corporate data was secure. At the same time, we wanted to enhance our traditional desktop environment, as the retrieval of data from such systems was proving to be inefficient and time consuming,” says BasantChaturvedi, Head - IT, Perfetti Van Melle.

Another priority for Chaturvedi was to reduce the onboarding time for new hires. Onboarding plans are intended to make new employees familiar with the overall goals of the company and support them as they embark on early projects in an effort to achieve success and productivity quickly.

“Our legacy onboarding process was manual, but we needed an effective solution that would allow us to socialize our new hires into the company's culture, and shrink the setup time. We wanted to implement an Identity Management System to address this constraint,” says Chaturvedi.

PVM's concerns did not end here. Securing data and systems was also a high priority. They were looking at multiple layers of protection like endpoint security, messaging and web security, data loss prevention, and data and system recovery.


PVMI evaluated different virtualization solutions to enhance their computing, and finally decided to go with Citrix's XenDesktop and Citrix XenMobile for enterprise mobility enablement as they found Citrix solutions to be the best fit for their needs. For the deployment, PVMI chose PC Solutions as the implementation partner. Chaturvedi shares, “We went with PC Solutions because they had all the resources for the implementation and possessed the technical understanding needed for the deployment.” For the Identity Management System, PVMI and PC Solutions joined hands to develop a custom application in-house. The application uses a .NET- based web application and SQL Server at the backend for reporting.

“PC Solutions has done a perfect integration and configuration of the Identity Management System at the backend with Microsoft Exchange,” says S. Prasad, IT Manager at PVMI.