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4 Essential Features of Cyber Security Solutions that can uplift your Business

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Cyber Security Solutions - PC Solutions

Cybercrimes are one of the biggest setbacks of technological advancements in the 21st century. Being the 2nd most reported crimes globally, technical experts claim that cyber security issues are burgeoned to grow exponentially with technological evolutions. As the advancement in technology also empowers cyber criminals to innovate ideas and recognize system loopholes, it may lead to unfortunate losses for enterprises in the year 2019. 

According to reports, cyber criminals made profits of a whopping $1.5 trillion in the year 2018, while the global cybercrime damage is predicted to reach up to $6 trillion annually by year 2021. These huge eye-opening figures have leveraged enterprises to choose their security credentials carefully and opt for best-in-class cyber security solutions.

Some top and essential features of cyber security solutions include:   

  1. Coverage of Major Threat Vectors

According to the top cyber security consulting firms, e-mails and web are substantially prone to cyber-attacks. It is also claimed that almost 90% of cyber-attacks are exuded from e-mail phishing, malicious attachments and infected URL’s. This makes the application of strong filters and monitoring of common threats an essential part of a cyber security solution. An efficient solution scans all potential and common threat vectors for blocking malware and other malicious elements. 

  1. Threat Detection and Prevention

Growing cybercrimes have created a need of detecting and blocking of all potential system threats. The top cyber security solutions detect attacks on a system’s security controls, and effectively track anomalous behavior for eliminating the chain. It can also generate alerts while empowering the user to terminate processes and rollback configurations.    

  1. A Consolidated Solution

An efficient cyber security solution offers a comprehensive panacea to protect against a diverse range of threats. This comprises installation of firewalls, anti-viruses, anti-spams, wireless security, online content check system, and filters. It denies threats like spywares from taking effect while ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of enterprise actions.   

  1. Cloud-based Backend Services

Cloud-based services are the backend brains of cyber security platforms. With advanced elements like analytics and threat intelligence, these services offered by globally recognized certified consultants aggregate suspicious behaviors and monitor endpoint actions. The infused machine learning algorithms scan these behaviors to improve and benefit users with an all-inclusive solution.

According to IT experts, cyber security measures ensure a comprehensive digital protection to the mission-critical data of enterprises. They support the expert IT team of enterprises to achieve dominance over cyber criminals and hackers.

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